Where Essayists Find Ideas

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bird headOur friend Aaron Gilbreath has written a useful and thorough essay for the Green Mountain Review on where nonfiction writers find ideas. (The gist of it: don’t stick your head in the sand.)  Here is an excerpt followed by a link to the entire essay:

For those of us who don’t work for publications that give us assignments, we’re left to assign ourselves. I find material in different ways. For my more straight ahead articles or topical essays, many ideas spring from life. I go about my day-to-day, eating and working and walking around town, and I take note of what I’m doing. What am I reading? What am I listening to or thinking about? When I find something of interest or recognize that I’m obsessing on something, I look more closely at it as a potential subject. Am I really into Korean snack foods right now? I should probably write…

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